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United Network for Organ Sharing

Organ: All

Waitlist Registrations as of February 28, 2017

Where Candidate's Permanent State Of Residence at Listing: New Mexico

Candidate's Permanent State of Residence at Listing Desired Organ Total
Heart Kidney Kidney-Pancreas Liver Lung Pancreas
N % N % N % N % N % N % N %
New Mexico 17 2.2 596 78.8 5 0.7 125 16.5 6 0.8 7 0.9 756 100

Based on OPTN data as of February 24th, 2017.
Data subject to change due to future correction or submission.

Transplant Resources

United Network for Organ Sharing
The Journal of Heart + Lung Transplantation
American Society of Transplantation - Patient Information
Presbyterian Transplant Services
University of New Mexico Renal Transplant Services
University of Colorado Transplant Services
Mayo Clinic Transplant Center
Phoenix AZ
National Kidney Foundation
Transplant Hero
Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network
UNOS Transplant Living
Living Donor Information
U.S. Government on Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation
Living Organ Donation
Gift of a Lifetime
Donate Life
White House Summit on Organ Donation
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Fidel Barrantes, M.D. "All About Kidney Transplant, A Practical Guide For Patients, Caregivers and Providers"

A comprehensive tool for people at any stage of their transplant. It covers transplant from the day the kidney is received, hot topics, frequently asked questions, and living donor education.

Fidel Barrantes, M.D. "The First Hundred Days After Kidney Transplant Surgery"

Covers events only associated with the first 100 days post kidney transplant.

Rx Drug Assistance

Patient assistance programs for prescribed immunosuppressive medications are available by contacting:

Roche Patient Assistance Program (Cellcept)
(800) 772-5790

Novartis Patient Assistance Program (Cyclosporine)
(888) 455-6655

Novartis Transplant Reimbursement Information (Neoral)
(877) 952-1000

Astellas Patient Assistance Program (Prograf)
(800) 477-6472

Abbott Patient Assistance Program (Gengraf)
(800) 633-9110